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Not yet written

Difficulty: 7/10



BLANKQUEEN's hands glow for a moment. Suddenly, undead bodies begin shooting up from the ground and grapple X, slamming X to the ground and slashing X, while BLANKQUEEN walks up and kicks X in the head.

Crescent Blast

BLANKQUEEN Summons a sword into her hands and swings it several times, launching explosive waves at X

True Form

The area begins to darken as BLANKQUEEN takes the form of a giant arachnid creature. As X loses the ability to see, BLANKQUEEN rushes towards X and violently stabs and bites X over and over in the dark, attempting to eviscerate X


Necromaniac: At the start of battle, summons undead fighters

Current Level


Battle Theme

Musune Hiraite Rasetsu To Mukuro

Defeated by

Currently undefeated

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