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Name: Aces

Class: Gunner

Ability: Increase Attack Power by 50% when performing Combos or Team Attacks

Music: Encounter

Image: Personal Image
Untitled drawing by acescardhasflipped-d7copxs

Team member: Not selected


Lv: 102

HP: 2565

SP: 645

ATK: 468

DEF: 551

INT: 627

RES: 643

HIT: 2102

SPD: 2187



MV: 8

JM: 25

TW: 4

CRIT: 17%

Elemental affinity

FIRE: 50%

WIND: 25%

ICE: 0%

Weapon Choice:

Gun: 3: S


HP: 90%

SP: 110%

ATK: 85%

DEF: 85%

INT: 80%

RES: 100%

HIT: 120%

SPD: 110%


Tri-Burst: 3 [SPD + HIT]

Aces fires two quick shots slightly launching X upwards, then fires a final shot as X lands.

Dark Matter Ether: 1 [SPD + HIT]

Aces puts dark and light into the chamber of his gun, then fires at X repeatedly, launching X and himself into the air. As they land, a concentrated beam of twilight strikes X.

Tower Throw: 1

Tower Lift: 1

Tower Move: 1

Tower Hamster: 1

Tower Fall: 1


Weapon: Scorpio

Armor 1: Strong

Armor 2: Archimedes

Armor 3: Archimedes


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