Hello my fellow flames, Nothing really interesting happened these past few days. So i figured, why not talk about who I am a little bit more? I'm just your average teenager, who argues with her parents and whatnot. I bake on occasion, when the kitchen is clean and i'm feeling good. I sing while I cook, the genere changes with the meal. bread is usually pop, soups and stews are love songs, beans,rice,tortillas, and other home made meals are upbeat 90's, and desserts are just me talking to myself as if im on food network. I l Wonder how Slenderman eats... I don't even want to know. Strange things popped into my head, like maybe he just absorbs it? or maybe he doesnt eat, or even if he has a huge mouth that very rarely opens. Either way I hope to see you soon!

FireEyesDreams (talk) 23:13, February 6, 2015 (UTC) Fire

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