Alright, this is something I've kinda been waiting to share with this site, but I'm also really heisted about, because I have no idea what will happen to me after I post this. Anyway last year somewhere on October I believe, in a my language class I got a badly crumble up piece of paper with the word "HEY !" written on it. Now I only have vague ideas what this could mean to me, but I only have guesses. Not all of them are pleasant. Now I know this could be the result of a student trying to mess with me, but why?, beside's I don't think many of the other students at my high school even know about these Mythos.

At lest I hope not, also this was WAY before the stabbing incident, sorry about bringing that up again.  But yeah when I found it, I was very frighted, like something I knew about was real. Which was not a pleasant feeling. I know you may not believe me and that's perfectly understandable, but I can sort of believe it myself.

So far other than what I just typed it's been pretty fine. But maybe that's whatever brought me this want's me to think. I hope not. Also IF there's is something trying to make my life a cosmic horror story, atleast it's subtle. I hope what I typed is enough for you to say what you think about this.

IMG 0241

The piece of paper, I got.

IMG 0242

Also here's the severance symbol, I drew.

-Evan Ronce Summerville, 10/2/2014

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