this wasn't the plan, this shouldn't have happened but it did now i fear for the people around me I fear for there lifes as well as mine my name is Elizabeth and last week I was like you normal but yesterday I realized my mistake, the little black book with the little black strap to hold the dark secrets inside, I created it.

It wasn't aways a danger to me I got it a few years back it was at that time empty and journal from a friend a gift because she said i needed to keep a running memory of life I smiled at her and thanked her not sure what to put in it. Until one night when sleep wasn't my friend I sat on my computer and watched everymanHYBRID when a thought had come to me 'a everything you need to know about slenderman' book everything one person could want to know in one place I didn't realize how stupid it was until yesterday when I finished the last page 'how slenderman picks his prey' I was reading everything I could find until there was one left untill and the words left me felling uneasy 'the more you know the more he keeps an eye on you' brushing it of I though 'just a myth' how wrong I could be because as I looked out my window there he stood looking at me.

I blamed lack of sleep when I woke up this morning but as I drove home after work I seen something that still has me looking over my back, the order you know dark harvest friends I thought they were just friends of there's I thought all of it was just an act for fun now I reaize HABIT is real the order is real HE is real all of it Tim is real Jay Alex Tj Noah all of them....There real, you would think with me knowing so much about all of this I would know what to do but the truth is I don't and I'm so lost....

Maybe I'll update you when I know more but if you have any Q's have have an ask it's uh.. <REMOVED BY ADMIN> any advide Q's anything would help.

your's truly ~Elizabeth Falen

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