• Elizabeth Falen

    the last few days.

    August 26, 2015 by Elizabeth Falen

    When I started the book part of me knew something could happen but there's alway's the other part the stronger part that keeps you going.

    The last few days I've done the same thing over and over eat sleep work sleep repeat, the book never left my side but that was normal everything felt normal it felt like nothing was going to happen like he, them, all of it was just a dream. Until last night.

    The place I have been living is agenst my wishes in the woods so being slightly scared at nigh of a cult or something come knocking on my door at night it never happend but when I came home last night my door was open normaly it was locked and I know I didn't leave it unlocked because I left through the back, even though I was scared thrugh and thrugh I…

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  • Elizabeth Falen

    that damn book

    August 15, 2015 by Elizabeth Falen

    this wasn't the plan, this shouldn't have happened but it did now i fear for the people around me I fear for there lifes as well as mine my name is Elizabeth and last week I was like you normal but yesterday I realized my mistake, the little black book with the little black strap to hold the dark secrets inside, I created it.

    It wasn't aways a danger to me I got it a few years back it was at that time empty and journal from a friend a gift because she said i needed to keep a running memory of life I smiled at her and thanked her not sure what to put in it. Until one night when sleep wasn't my friend I sat on my computer and watched everymanHYBRID when a thought had come to me 'a everything you need to know about slenderman' book everything …

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