• DrStein34

    Some Trip, Aye?

    January 21, 2013 by DrStein34

    Well, Let's start with the way on to the woods (My class I was Teaching were going on a trip to the Gnoll Bank woods to find Insects to dissect) and one of the Students reported of feeling of being watched, She said she heard a leaf crack behind her, And no one was there. So I said to keep an eye out, She did as I said.

    Then two miniutes later she was missing, Me and my friend who assists me with this class began to get very Concerned about our surroundings. Then we heard some one scream, I thought it was one of the girls who love to play around, But I was wrong, Another student went missing, By now you would think we would be scared out of our wits, Which we were.

    So we decided to go back to the coach for a bit, Still no sign of them, So I …

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