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eyeless cat

May 17 Hey my name is Mandy. I'm going to start keeping a joural on things that have been happening lately. Weird things that... are just weird... I
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Mandy's drawing of the girl she saw in her dream

guess you can say. I'm just scared and i don't know what to do except write down my observations.But we should just start off by first saying, I've been noticing changes with my ex-bestfriend Cat. I've been hearing this laugh that's similar to Cat's laugh. And, it's kinda like a psychotic type of laugh I guess you could say and it just scares me. I just remember, the one day... That one day when the school's principal came in to my class and Cat was minding her own business and then the principal just takes all of Cat's thing. After the principal left, Cat started to be freaking out. Though she wasn't doing anything  major that would cause attention. She just tried to keep it to herself. Cat started to repeatedly say "No no no no." After a while the assistant teacher  took Cat out of the room... Towards the end of class I started hearing someone laugh outside in the hall way. It sounded like it was getting closer. The door knob turned and the person who was laughing like a maniac was standing right at the door... Cat... She didn't stop for a while. But what kind of person freaks out then a second later start laughing like a maniac??

Cat just hasn't been acting like herself lately. She doesn't even talk to me anymore. We used to talk all the time  and we were bestfriends but that just kinda stopped. Not just only did she stop talking to me but she did the same with all of her friends. Cat isolated herself. It seems like her only friend is this black journal that she always has with her. She never let anyone read it, flip through the pages. You couldn't even touch it without Cat hitting you. But you see, that's why Cat started freaking out. Because the principal took that journal away from her. That'll probably be the first thing she'll look at than the other stuff Cat had with her. Because that black journal looks more interesting than all the other stuff Cat had with her... Some how Cat returned the next day. She managed to get out of trouble somehow. No maybe im just over thinking about this...

But I do wonder if the only person she talks to is her boyfriend Jack... I don't even know whats going on in her life lately...

May 23

It's 3:21 AM and i have just woke up to that laugh that scares me. It's been happening the past couple of nights actually. I'm starting to think Cat is stalking me... But why in hell would she do that? I'll just text her to see if that is Cat. I just want it to stop...

May 24

So i just got done talking to Cat and i don't think that is her. I mean ever since she got switched out of my class to go to another class she started acting pretty normal again and I wasn't so sure if I can believe her or anything yet. But... no no no. It can't be her. I'm probably just imagining things now since ive been really anxious lately. I guess it was just cats laugh that has been creeping me out lately. I should probably just try to go and check in with my therapist. Hopefully I'm just getting schizophrenia or something like that.

May 31

I just woke up from this nightmare... I was outside and there was a blood moon. I was just standing outside and then there was this girl in my dream with black hair, wearing black skinnies, and a black hoodie that looked a bit too big on her. Just black on black. She started moving closer and closer to this dim spotlight. As the girl got closer and closer I could see her face which I was terrified by. I think she was wearing a mask I don't know but it was red. It had a huge smile and there was some black substance dripping out from her mouth. She also had no eyes... The girl just stood there under the dim spotlight the blood moon was giving her... She then tilted her head and wouldn't keep her black sockets off of me... Then she laughed that horrid laugh that has been haunting me... After that i woke up. When I did I saw a black shadow move quickly past my window... i didn't sleep for the rest of the night...

June 20

Things seem to be escalating quickly now... I saw the girl outside of my window... When i saw her  i quickly shut my curtains. A couple seconds later i took a quick peak outside  my window. I saw nothing... I should keep a camera with me just so i know it's not my schizophrenia messing with me... I just hope my therapist is right that im diagnosed with schizophrenia. It's just so important for me to know if my mind is playing tricks on me or not! This needs to stop!!! I'm tired of it all!! I don't want anything to do with this eyeless chick! I don't want to hear Cat's laugh!! I'm just sick of it and I'm sick of being afraid...

July 6

I just herd the laugh again. This time I'll make sure I'll get her. I- I need to I... I have to know if this is real or not but this time I'll know for su-

July 10

Hey I'm Mandy's brother Mike. She told me to publish these entries in case anything bad happened to her. And well... I guess you can already guess that Mandy has passed away... I found her in her room r-ripped to... pieces... I found her like that...

That night though, i though i had herd her window open but i dismissed it, thinking that it was my imagination... I was so wrong, I should've checked up on her...

I was so disgusted at seeing... Mandy my poor little sister... torn to pieces. Her limbs scattered across her room.

I went back in her room the next day. i scanned the room to observe her room to maybe give me a lead on who or what did this...

As i did there was this camera that her hand was holding on to. And this is what I found

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