• Dontlook

    Eyeless Cat

    July 14, 2014 by Dontlook

    May 17

    Hey my name is Mandy. I'm going to start keeping a joural on things that have been happening lately. Weird things that... are just weird... I guess you can say. I'm just scared and i don't know what to do except write down my observations.But we should just start off by first saying, I've been noticing changes with my ex-bestfriend Cat. I've been hearing this laugh that's similar to Cat's laugh. And, it's kinda like a psychotic type of laugh I guess you could say and it just scares me. I just remember, the one day... That one day when the school's principal came in to my class and Cat was minding her own business and then the principal just takes all of Cat's thing. After the principal left, Cat started to be freaking out. Though she…

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