Well, here I am... Sneaking onto my computer late at night, lots of coffee ice cream and random fandoms in my system, and I'm newly single... Yes, my boyfriend and I broke up (It was mostly my fault, but we'll still be friends) so, even though it didn't hurt that bad so far, I still had a craving for ice cream. Naturally, I go to the store and find a big tub of Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream. When I got home, I ate the whole thing as I watched Happy Tree Friends, including a Flippy episode (Flippy's my favorite <3 ). After that, it was off to Loki... And lots of him. Now, here I am, jittering away, talking nonsense and smiling like an idiot... What is wrong with me???

Well, until next time, my patients...

Hyperly yours,

Doctor Unknown :)

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