A couple of days ago I had a dream about Slender Man. The strange thing is, when I told my friend about the dream and the setting and stuff, she told me that she was in the exact same room in her dream. So I will tell you my dream and hers. Here is mine: Me and my friends were in this weird room with no doors, windows, or lights, so it was pretty dark. The only this that aluminated light were these strange glass tubes, where people or objects would go in. But there were no people in them. It was a whitish-greenish colour glow. Then this person came out of the shadows wearing a black robe. For some reason, I knew it was a proxy of the Slender Man. Then the person spoke and said to us to try and get out of the room. We understood and started to look for a way out. Me and my BFF found a small, blue, sewer-like door located on the floor behind some things. We all got out of the room, but two of my friends were missing. I don't know why though. Then Slender Man appeared and in our minds, a voice came. It said one or two of us( there were three of us at the time) were not ready yet. I don't what he ment though. Then I woke up. Now heres my friends dream: She was walking around this strange room. There were no doors, windows, or lights. But there was some lighst coming from these weird tube-like things. In them were people she knew, like her friends,(including me) some teachers from school, and other people.(they were all wearing clothing) Then she heard this voice in her mind. It said that she could only choose one. She looked around at all the people, there was no liquid stuff in the tubes, and they were all awake and screaming for help. Then she looked over at another tube and Slender Man was in it. She fell over and Slender Man just stood there in it and stared at her. She heard the voice again and she knew it was coming from him. Then she heard this weird sound coming from another tube. She got up and walked over to it. It was a knife with wings on it.(weird, huh?) She choose that one, broke the tube, and grabbed it. Then she heard a voice that said she will die of greed. And she woke up. I actually had my dream a day before hers, which makes me wonder if her dream was a continuation of my dream. And since I wasn't in one of the tubes in my dream. It creeped both of us out. We don't know if it means anything or if it's just nothing. What do you think? (by the way, my BFF in my dream was the one who had the second dream)