I had this dream a few months ago. And for some reason, I always remember my Slender Man dreams. I never forget them, unlike some other dreams. So here it is:

I was walking around an old fashioned school. There were many other people there. My friends, family, and just random strangers. All of a sudden, Slender Man appeared out of no where and he just stared at me. I walked up to him and he started to walk away, but I followed him for some unknown reason. I felt like I trusted him. But then Slender Man started to kill everyone in sight, but I just stood there. Some people ran up to me and told me to run. I told them that he would not hurt me and I would not run. So I still stood there watching Slender Man. But then Slender Man stopped and turned to look at me. I Then had this feeling I should run, so I did. Then I woke up.

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