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  • Diverse Dreams

    I had this dream a few months ago. And for some reason, I always remember my Slender Man dreams. I never forget them, unlike some other dreams. So here it is:

    I was walking around an old fashioned school. There were many other people there. My friends, family, and just random strangers. All of a sudden, Slender Man appeared out of no where and he just stared at me. I walked up to him and he started to walk away, but I followed him for some unknown reason. I felt like I trusted him. But then Slender Man started to kill everyone in sight, but I just stood there. Some people ran up to me and told me to run. I told them that he would not hurt me and I would not run. So I still stood there watching Slender Man. But then Slender Man stopped and t…

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  • Diverse Dreams

    This is my most recent Slender Man dream. I had it about a few weeks ago. Here it is:

    My and brother( he's a year younger than me ) were walking in this strange fun house thing with a bunch of mirrors in each room. The fun house is sort of the type of house were you would find in a circus, but this was a bit different. We were in one room, but the only way to get to the next room is if you beat the game that was in the room you were in. Me and my brother were trying to beat the game when Slender Man appeared. I don't know why, but I just stood there staring at him. My brother beat the game and grabbed my arm and ran to the next room. But this time when we were trying to beat the game and Slender Man appeared, I ran at Slender Man trying to …

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  • Diverse Dreams

    Here is another Slender Man dream of mine:

    I was alone in my house, just walking around. I came to a room with a big window that veiws into my front yard, and stopped. I looked out the window, and right in the middle of my front yard was Slender Man. But he was wearing a long, black, cloth cloak instead of a suit. If I saw him like this in real life, than I would never have thought that that was Slender Man. But some how in my dream I knew that that was Slender Man. He just stood there and stared at me, not doing anything else. I stared back with no emotions, no fear, no excitment, nothing. Then I just woke up.

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  • Diverse Dreams

    Slender Man Dreams

    November 8, 2013 by Diverse Dreams

    A couple of days ago I had a dream about Slender Man. The strange thing is, when I told my friend about the dream and the setting and stuff, she told me that she was in the exact same room in her dream. So I will tell you my dream and hers. Here is mine: Me and my friends were in this weird room with no doors, windows, or lights, so it was pretty dark. The only this that aluminated light were these strange glass tubes, where people or objects would go in. But there were no people in them. It was a whitish-greenish colour glow. Then this person came out of the shadows wearing a black robe. For some reason, I knew it was a proxy of the Slender Man. Then the person spoke and said to us to try and get out of the room. We understood and started…

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