To boldly go where I have been before, and still be scared s**tless;

The Woods

A view of the woods we stayed in taken in daylight.

As far as my Slender Series is concerned progress is zero as Slenderman seems to be for some reason preventing us from taking videos, we returned to the woods mentioned in Encounters with the intention of filming the unique encounters we have experienced. Our first videos contained nothing substantial, I believe this to be because we, especially Liam felt a lot safer in the presence of our 'audience'. Suprisingly quickly the memory on the camera which was a good quality modern one ran out leaving us with only five minutes of basically useless footage, once we began to head back to our tent though things began too become more frightening. At this time Liam alone was being stalked by The Rake while I remained the sole prey of Slenderman, due to this difference our encounters varied greatly, while I experienced increased vividness and closeness in Slenderman himself as well as perhaps one or more tree form encounters Liam underwent some of his first and most frightening encounters with The Rake as it crept up behind him repeatedly a technique it now uses with both of us.

Anyway it was when we had almost returned to the tent that I underwent my worst experience of the night and of my life so far, as some more informed fans of the Mythos may know Slenderman is able to replicate the voices of children, an effect he had used on us on our last visit to the woods and again that time once we had run out of camera memory. Back to the point, well at that moment Slenderman again used this unique ability of his to scream out in a childs voice, except the childs voice he used, was my own, screaming at the top of my lungs from some distance so it could barely be heard, one word "LIAM!". This word was screamed out in a way that I would only do if I was dying or about to die, I swear it even echoed a little.

Once back in the tent we discovered that the reason for the quick running out of memory on the camera was that Liam had set the video resolution too high, we deleted all the footage we had taken with the intention of rerecording everything. Less than a minute later the camera's battery drained, completly dead, that camera had been charged fully the previous night and had been on for less than fifteen minutes. We didn't leave the tent again that night.

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