A depiction of The Rake.

An update and a new enemy;

Im not really sure where to begin the last month has really tested me and my faith in my continued survival. Well to begin with we shortly after Liams discovery of The Rake when we joined the site found ourselves also to be persued by this creature, Liam began to be hunted first as The Rake terrifys him even more so than slenderman and to be honest it's gotten that way with me too. After Liam went thorough his first encounter with The Rake he told me and so I began to have encounters too, and if theres one thing I can say for sure about The Rake it's that he likes to get close up and personal real quick.

My encounters with The Rake began with the usual first, vivid encounter then a gradual build up from a low number of indistinct sightings, exept this time the build up wasn't so gradual. My first encounter was simply a view of him less than eight meters away hunched over, partially hidden by a tree so that only his hunched back was visible. I could even make out vains and a spine he was so close.

As for Slenderman, well the good news is I know longer fear a sighting of him at a distance as they have become so common but the bad news is he counteracts that by simply getting closer and staying in vision longer, Liam even reported that he was able to catch Slenderman in his vision, as before he disappeared as our eyes moved to him blurring our vision for that split secound he needs to disappear, it seems the trick is to not move your eyes at all. I have been advised not to try this and pass that advice to other seers as holding him in your view for more than ten secounds results in a massive migraine that takes a long time to go away, I assume holding your vision on him for even longer would cause the other symptoms of slender sickness but thats unconfirmed (comment if you know more about this).

I also broke the rule which I set myself never to run, one night while returning home I ran for the first and not the last time. While it was technically The Rake I was running from as I could hear him on the river bank near a bridge I was on, (moving through dead leaves) in my mind though I had broken the rule and over the next two nights I endured the worst experiences away from the woods of the camping trip and for the first time in my life on the secound night I felt as if he was about to take me.

Since then I have grown more afraid and the vividality of my numerous experiences stoped any self disbelief that might have saved me in the past, only a few nights ago I was chased through the night for nealy a minute by The Rake but I could only tell from the sound of footsteps and rustling leaves behind me (as well as a ting of metal on metal as I ran past a fence) as when I turned around which I did repeatedly the was nothing there and the only when I turned my back would the noises resume just a meter or so behind me. These kind of experiences are usually only matched in the dreams of other seers and believers, but I will not let them overwhelm me because although my life may be over I still walk and breathe and think, I will fight and run and remain alive for as long I can.

So yours truthfully and still fighting Ellis.

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