This is just a quick blog about my encounters with Slenderman;

Having found out about Slenderman from a friend of mine I decided during a night walk to force myself into fearing him (Im not saying how) to help my friend into seeing him, over the next couple of days I began seeing things out of the corner of my eye and one day something, a white head staring at me from behind a fence, a night or so after that I caught him on video though I didn't see him myself.

On seeing the tapes I noticed him which convinced me I wasn't just imagining things after that I began seeing him often I went camping with two mates where we played SLENDER real life, and after being lured from the tent by teenage screams coming from the woods where we began seeing him everywhere.

Getting back to the tent (as fast as we could without running) I found him waiting for us, standing behind it and he disappeared when I turned to point him out to the others, after this at we decided to stay by the tent and eventually nodded off after no other events occured.

This is the video I took after seeing him behind the fence.

Document 1 First Encounter06:47

Document 1 First Encounter

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