The incomplete symbol 2

XIII-DEATH's all symbol.

After the events of Encounters;

One friend who shall remain unnamed began immediatly after the trip was over to forget about Slenderman never mentioning it again and ignoring any reference to him. My other less sensible friend Liam: Camoflarge (who I had began hunting Slenderman with) and I though continued to experience the stalking without making any attempts too stop him from hunting us exept in that I refused to run which would let him in further.

It was at my grandparents house when I first felt his influence, in a kind of illogical state I went onto Omegle and gave a believer enough infomation to find him, though I hope he never went through with it. After this realising what I had done, murder in my eyes I found understanding in a fellow seer who I found on the site who convinced me that Slenderman couldn't control me that I was my own person. After this I recovered myself and went on with life telling no one until I discovered this site where I confessed to the user XIII DEATH and then again on this Blog but I still feel I have a dept to repay.

After this Slendermans presence started to become more aparent in the outside world, Liam's HD camera suddenly had a Marble Hornets style glitch while we watched a video we had made, this glitch was not repeated on reviewing. Overnight after we had made a video where I swear there were movments in the background the data from the camera deleted itself. Scince then no substantial sightings have occured exept one that sticks in my mind in which he was only around five meters away.

Now I have made this account in an attempt to get videos out there, and also to help others like me and hopefully not, but maybe like us.

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