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October 6, 2012
  • Died 12 9 12

    The Woods. Again

    November 4, 2012 by Died 12 9 12

    To boldly go where I have been before, and still be scared s**tless;

    As far as my Slender Series is concerned progress is zero as Slenderman seems to be for some reason preventing us from taking videos, we returned to the woods mentioned in Encounters with the intention of filming the unique encounters we have experienced. Our first videos contained nothing substantial, I believe this to be because we, especially Liam felt a lot safer in the presence of our 'audience'. Suprisingly quickly the memory on the camera which was a good quality modern one ran out leaving us with only five minutes of basically useless footage, once we began to head back to our tent though things began too become more frightening. At this time Liam alone was being s…

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  • Died 12 9 12


    November 2, 2012 by Died 12 9 12

    An update and a new enemy;

    Im not really sure where to begin the last month has really tested me and my faith in my continued survival. Well to begin with we shortly after Liams discovery of The Rake when we joined the site found ourselves also to be persued by this creature, Liam began to be hunted first as The Rake terrifys him even more so than slenderman and to be honest it's gotten that way with me too. After Liam went thorough his first encounter with The Rake he told me and so I began to have encounters too, and if theres one thing I can say for sure about The Rake it's that he likes to get close up and personal real quick.

    My encounters with The Rake began with the usual first, vivid encounter then a gradual build up from a low numbe…

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  • Died 12 9 12


    October 7, 2012 by Died 12 9 12

    After the events of Encounters;

    One friend who shall remain unnamed began immediatly after the trip was over to forget about Slenderman never mentioning it again and ignoring any reference to him. My other less sensible friend Liam: Camoflarge (who I had began hunting Slenderman with) and I though continued to experience the stalking without making any attempts too stop him from hunting us exept in that I refused to run which would let him in further.

    It was at my grandparents house when I first felt his influence, in a kind of illogical state I went onto Omegle and gave a believer enough infomation to find him, though I hope he never went through with it. After this realising what I had done, murder in my eyes I found understanding in a fel…

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  • Died 12 9 12


    October 7, 2012 by Died 12 9 12

    This is just a quick blog about my encounters with Slenderman;

    Having found out about Slenderman from a friend of mine I decided during a night walk to force myself into fearing him (Im not saying how) to help my friend into seeing him, over the next couple of days I began seeing things out of the corner of my eye and one day something, a white head staring at me from behind a fence, a night or so after that I caught him on video though I didn't see him myself.

    On seeing the tapes I noticed him which convinced me I wasn't just imagining things after that I began seeing him often I went camping with two mates where we played SLENDER real life, and after being lured from the tent by teenage screams coming from the woods where we began seeing hi…

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