I recently made a new Slenderman ARG called DeodorantMonkeys. It's a silly name, I know. So anyways, me and my friends, Tony & Cameron, start a crew for a YouTube pranking series called DeodorantMonkeys: Pranksterz. Only 2 episodes were posted. Later after the 2nd episode was posted, the crew had no sleep, got sick, had bad and repeating dreams, felt uncomfortable, and felt like someone was following them because they saw the same man repeatedly. That man was the Slender Man. Anyways, we decide to cancel and abandon the pranking series. Shortly after that, an internet stalker, possibly a proxy, named The Watcher hacks my YouTube account and posts a video and put posts on our feed. We give him many warnings to tell him to stop. But it's no use. We think that The Watcher is stalking us along with the Slender Man. We do a Sleep Test and film ourselves sleeping and see if he comes to take us. Nothing happens with me, until I leave the room to do something. As i'm gone, the door automatically opens with text saying: SURPRISE SURPRISE! It shuts with no one coming in. I posted that. Then in Event #2: Party Incident, some eager fans and friends invited me to a March Madness Celebration Party. As I am about to leave I go to the basement seeing my friend Liam acting paranoid and laughing. The lights turned on and off automatcially and I heard growling and banging noises. As we run up the stairs, the door automatically shuts and locks us in. After a long period of time, we are set free and I go back downstairs to see my fans and friends and Liam rolling on the floor yelling: SQUIDY DERP! I talk to my friends and one fan reminds me I left something upstairs. I go up to get it and hear Liam laughing and everyone screaming. I run down and no one is there. My fans and friends were abducted. Then after some more videos of us being stalked by him and the Watcher. My other friend, Liem, sees a shorter version of the SlenderMan watching him. He screams and tries to hide. I think that man looking at Liem was the Slender Man's child. In Event #8, The Watcher sends me a letter and a brochure in the mail. The letter talks about the child and that I have to find 10 flash drives. The brochure is for New Lake Falls, with a picture of a waterfall! Similar to the waterfall on my profile picture! Now I seek to find the 10 flash drives and avoid The Watcher and the Slender Man, who obviously are trying to get me to become a proxy.

You can see my Slender Man ARG here. 

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: DeodorantMonkeys

WORDPRESS BLOG: DeodorantMonkeys Blog

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