• Dialgadude4509

    My SlenderMan ARG

    December 10, 2013 by Dialgadude4509

    I recently made a new Slenderman ARG called DeodorantMonkeys. It's a silly name, I know. So anyways, me and my friends, Tony & Cameron, start a crew for a YouTube pranking series called DeodorantMonkeys: Pranksterz. Only 2 episodes were posted. Later after the 2nd episode was posted, the crew had no sleep, got sick, had bad and repeating dreams, felt uncomfortable, and felt like someone was following them because they saw the same man repeatedly. That man was the Slender Man. Anyways, we decide to cancel and abandon the pranking series. Shortly after that, an internet stalker, possibly a proxy, named The Watcher hacks my YouTube account and posts a video and put posts on our feed. We give him many warnings to tell him to stop. But it's no …

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