Evening coconspirators. Er...hmm...where to begin. Yes I know its odd for someone to write that because they can edit whatever they say but I enjoy writing in a stream of conciousness soooo....anyways, my blackouts have entirely stopped~ I've been allowed to stop taking my medication! W00t. On the downside I have been seeing that Tan suit guy alot. I dont know what else to call him. For those who don't know or feel like reading my previous entrees, the "Tan Suit Guy" Is this man who I saw in my house a while back while I was having my episodes. He is around my build and height, with long, unkept black hair that covers his face, and always wears a tan sport coat. I've been seeing him around town, usually while i'm driving, but I always end up losing sight of him. He freaks me out to no tomorrow, why? Because he's not some unproportioned monster like Slender Man or Seedeater, he's a person who was in my hasnt done anything yet, hasnt even spoken to me. What, I decided to say "fuck it" to the whole ARG thing, it seems like a bandwagon deal now. I am, however, going to start doing my own paranormal investigative series for SCProxy. Santa Clarita has a few haunted houses, and even an area called "Slender Canyon." Freaky right? I got so excited when I heard about it. I've got Marsh and Blank to help me with that, we'll try not to do any of that bullshit EMF or thermal crap they pull in Ghost Hunters or something. Meanwhile, we might as well look at the evidence to the creepypasta monsters, right? Just for fun. Well, thats all for tonight, my very small group of beloved readers~



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