Halloween has been completly and entirely ruined for me. Want to know why? Well, for those of you who dont follow me on twitter, I finally had an incident. I went months without so much as the little prick whispering my head, and he thinks he has the right to just pop me out of my own freaking body like a casette tape? BULL****. I woke up next to the ******* kruger house in my car. Do you have any idea how scary that place is at night? Its pitch black in the middle of a goddamn national forest. THREE IN THE MORNING. I blacked out at nine pm. So for six hours, I dont know where I was or who I talked to or what I was doing. And so I go to check my twitter, and of course mr.whats-his-face-body-taker-overer leaves a message about "oh im happy to be free, lets raise some hell" and then goes on to flirt. FLIRT. With the ******* Tan Suit Guy. Does he even have a TWITTER? How should I know? Is one of the 27 random people who follow me a friggin...Sports coat wearing stalker .__.??? just going to eat some candy...and take a pill...and watch The Shining...GOODNIGHT = -=


The guy with the complicated life and the pound symbol under his left eye .__.

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