I went ahead and marked this one as (J), since DT has decided he can use me willy nillie as he f***ing pleases. I didnt wake up until last wednesday and I was hiding in my room the whole time. I woke up at the Kruger House wearing my mask, which he altered. The bastard ripped the black film out of the eyes and painted the circles black. I'm trying to figure out if he just wanted to vandalize my **** or he's just an emo. Even worse, I bet you can guess what I had covering me like a freaking blanket. A sandy colored BLAZER.

Whatever. I meant to write this blog because people have been emailing me, asking for research. A guy in Florida and I even have something in common. After enough talking, we both realized we saw Him at six years old, when I lived in a house next to a small plot of forest in North Carolina. Another guy on twitter asked me to tell him everything I could. Here is my email. Maybe someone else can prosper from what i've been learning. I havent made any big discoveries, just explanations.----

I can tell you everything I've found as of yet concerning the Slender Man. The most important thing is that he follows a pattern.

First, he finds a child anywhere between three to eight years old. After speaking with a Florida resident who has been helping me with theory, we noticed that he prefers the age of 6. Both he and I were six when we had our first encounter. From this point, two things can happen.
In the first case, he will mutilate the child. We don't know why.
In the second case, he will remain dormant and unseen until young adulthood. We don't know what makes these children special. A theory is that he chooses children with, or destined to have, Multiple personality disorder. Both myself and my colleague have it.
If he does wait, he will begin to approach closer to the subject. For a period of anywhere between two to six years, he can continue to do absolutely nothing but observe the subject. On rare occasions, he will even directly come into contact with the subject. Often he will send one or more proxies to further coax the subject.
When time runs out, and the subject has not succeeded in suicide, he will assimilate the subject into what we call a "Proxy"
Proxies will undergo different psychotic effects. Most become insane due to the instability of the human mind. Some are able to "black out" while the unstable proxy controls their body. The best are sane, and can take control of the subject at will. These are what we know as the Collective.

Now, onto reasons for some of His qualities. As we all know, he is approximately seven to nine feet tall, though the exact measurement is uncertain. I believe his height is static, and does not change at random. He appears in a black suit. This is more likely due to the human mind's perception of Slender Man. Slender Man, to people, is the physical representation of fear. The entire emotional complexity of fear. a Black suit has been both a symbol of power, darkness, evil, and (in contemporary Christianity) Satan. As for the multiple limbs or tendrils, I cannot say. I have never seen him to protrude tentacles or limbs. Then again, I have only seen him four times now, on very brief occasions. The distortions that occur in devices that use computers is likely due to a frequency of some kind. A wavelength of energy, like radioactivity. The human mind works on wavelengths of neural energy in the brain. If the Slender Man were capable of emitting a similer wavelength, the human mind would be able to receive it like a telephone. The effects both physically and mentally could be devastating. This may also explain his method of re-wiring the human mind into a Proxy. Lastly, The Slender Man uses forests and similer areas because of their reliability. Forests are very discreet places, not many people walk around them just for fun. The tall trees and foliage could disguise anyone, especially a man who's body resembles tree limbs. This is why people who live in forests are in more danger, they're close to where he can stay hidden. When I encountered him at 6, my back yard was connected to a forest. Today, I live in an area mostly made up of canyons, so I don't see him often. The only way I could is to go into Angeles National Park, or the Kruger house, and i'd much rather stay away.

If you have any more questions, ask.



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