I thought I was alright to stop taking my pills, and I was for a month, but as a few of you are aware I went a little crazy a few nights ago. Lets review: I randomly experience blackouts, usually one or two a week, and during that time a different personality is working in my head. This seperate personality, from what i've seen from the evidence he leaves online, is an incredibly emotionally driven, angry, narcissistic, jealous, sort of bohemian character. Maybe he's my subconcious, maybe he's just a hardwiring problem in my brain. Anyways, it got so bad at one point that I went to a psychiatrist who gave me prescription drugs. Little yellow pills that keep the blackouts away, but wear me out. I stopped taking them after a while and the blackouts stopped, but a few nights ago it started again and he was really...REALLY po'ed, especially at dude .__. Anyway...i'm left with a rather confusing decision. On one hand, I can keep taking my meds, the blackouts stop, but i'm worn out alot. On the other hand, I risk having blackouts but...i'm kind of addicted to them. Every time I wake up from a blackout i'm just so..rejuvinated! Its like taking five hour energy while hugging a hundred ferrets and acheiving Nirvana. Pretty awesome feeling. I don't want to lose that. Eh, help me out x.x

Sooooo what else...yeah, i'm not doing my ARG, as I said before, and i'm done writing books. It bores me. My main priority online is editing and keeping the pages involved with DarkHarvest00 updated and such alike.


Dial-Tone (#)

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