The oddities have started again, this time their more violent, more direct.

Where once I said I saw shadow figures that dissapeared when I turned my attention to my vision, now I see the black blobs directly. Do you know what thats like, to see a shadow in your vision, look at it, and to see it STAY? It was chilling.

The first event occured while I was playing CoD: MW3. The match was over, and I caught sight of something small in the corner. I looked, and it was almost in the shape and size of a rat, on the floor. The tiny shadow scuttled, and then dissapeared entirely from view as if a light had been turned on. It dissapeared right in the middle of the room, and there were no holes or other places an accual rodent could have just vanished. Then, while I was in Village map, the most horrifying sound i'd ever heard in my life resonated out of the TV speakers. It was a low tone, pounding frequency, like something out of a Marble Hornets ARG. For the 8 seconds it screamed, I felt I was going to die. When it stopped, I was shivering. I looked out the door into the night, looking for any sign of him. Imight have seen him. I did see a tall figure, but it moved a few feet and was so distinct, even in the dark...I didnt sleep well that night.

I saw someone in my house. He was of adverage height, a little husky, wearing grey jeans and a black tshirt. His hands were covered with gloves and his shoes were black loafers. He had on a tan sports coat and his hair was covering his face. This is the best I can describe him. He was gone as fast as I saw him. Maybe it was my imagination.

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