I am writing this page directly after returning from a short vacation during winter break.

Firstly, sorry for the title, I was very tired and forgot it was 2012...

Not many things have happened after my December blog post. The DLL has not appeared again, and this put me at ease for a while. My paranoia returned as soon as my vacation began. I live in an area devoid of trees, mostly made up of red canyons dotted in shrubs; however, most of my vacation was spent in California National Parks. Norther California is home to several of these parks, some of which have the largest trees in the world, known as Sequoia (Like the Toyota SUV). I was very at ease for the most part, driving down the long paths, until the side of my vision saw a thin figure like a man with a pale "Face". Of course, the realization dawned on me that I was in the middle of a forest, very much alone, as the winter months hold very few visitors for the parks. You can imagine I was constantly searching for the figure again, which ruined my entire day. To make it any worse, the hotel I stayed at was a bit filthy with no wifi or cell conneciton, and the restaraunt had two waiters, and mine was a backwards hippi trying desperatly to use a french accent when serving my Fish & Chips, but now i'm getting off topic...

I mostly stayed near the beaches and the coastline after that, I visited Pier 39 in San Francisco and China Town where I bought...far too many Buddhist relics and items. I do love Buddhism. I stayed in a cramped, but well placed and quite comfortable Travelodge hotel. At 4:30 in the morning I had...the first nightmare i've ever had in atleast 4 years. It began as a simple dream, 10 years from today. I was married to my girlfriend (That was the best part~) in a the woods (And so it begins.) I suddenly shift in my dream to where i'm outside, late at night with a flash light and a lot of confusion... I began fastwalking through the woods, pointing my flashlight in every direction with some unknown paranoia. I point my flashlight left, and nothing is there. I point it left again after two steps and Slendy is standing not 10 feet away from me. Just seeing him there hits me with shellshock, my vision becomes blurry and I go deaf, a high pitch ringing in my ears, and I want desperatly to die before I am forced to witness the horrors of what happens to those captured by Der Ritter...then I wake up crying like a sap and curse for having had a small chocolate square before bed. I dont blame the chocolate though, it was dark.

All I can say after that is the shadows in my peripheral vision now have just the slightest bit more...defined, and even a bit more colorful. As odd as it may seem, I plan to start an ARG with my friends called Santa Clarita Proxies. I'll talk more about this another time. Before I began typing this, I quickly educated myself on the Quantum Theory and the Tupla Effect...Yes, at one point I could say to myself "Its just the boogy man, stop it"...Now I have reasons to be scared...Until next time:


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