Greetings avid readers, critics, fans, and coconspirators.

My life has been rather quiet the past few days. I've been spending alot of time with friends, watching old movies, talking about real stuff. Its been good. Dial hasnt come out, I havent taken my pills, i've had lots of energy lately, and i've decided to start working on a new project.

I have recently began looking at the intense history of the town i'm actually living in. I only moved here in 2010, so I was unaware of these events. Within the past 20 years, alot has happened.

I dont want to go into this subject extensivly on here, because myself and my friend Lauren have decided to start doing a video series about the strange history. Deaths, Hauntings, and rumors. Creepy stuff thats real~ It'll be cool.

So, it looks like everything is going well for me. Yours,


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