AH! I'm sorry.

I know I promised to have a photograph in my next blog. I've made a few trips to Angeles Forest by myself but I havent found anything. Not a thing. I decided since a few things have happened i'd put it up before I forget to.

Firstly, the team has grown! DJ and myself have asked the beautiful Ms. Lauren Kelly to film for us, as soon as we get a camera that can hold more then 18 seconds of video. Mine sucks x.x I'll use it in short bursts if needed, but DJ thinks he'll get a better one. We also have our phones and I have a regular camera for photographs.

Anyway, there have been two occurances.

The first was very discreet. For all I know it was just a looking tree..with legs...No, but seriously, he was pretty far away and poofed after about a minute. I doubt he was even looking at me. I was outside of Wallmart.

The second was a bit more unnerving. It was yesterday, Friday the 28th. I was at Laurens weekly Movie Night party and we decided to walk down to the elementary school. Its big and open and alone, so we can go out and enjoy the air and talk about private things. He was much closer, Lauren and I noticed but the two others, Dana and Billy, were too preoccupied talking about Homestuck.

Anyway, I suppose thats all I have to say for now. I promise i'll have something cool to look at very soon.



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