Er, this is Jordan. I had a dream last night...

Now im sure we've all had our fair share of Slender man nightmares but this was...I can barely even think about it without losing my nerve. The detail, the purpose, the singularity of it. Do you understand what I mean?

A dream is illogical, Most things within a dream cannot exist within reality. Strange things happen and so forth, events go on, the plot changes rapidly, even the person you are in the dream changes over and over.

This is not how it went.

My dream began inside of a house. It was a simple, colonial style building. There was no color in my dream whatsoever, like a black and white film. The house was very old, and oddly distinct. The furniture was not familier to me at all, it had a distict texture, a distict feeling. There were pictures, broken and otherwise, with faces i'd never seen, and Dial-Tone was there. I wasnt surprised, oddly enough, it was like when you watch yourself in a dream. He just looked like me (Of course) except his hair was a bit longer, maybe a bit darker, and he was dressed differently then I usually do. He wore a light colored sports coat with a T-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of loafers, and of course the mask. We both walked outside, neither of us saying anything.

Their was a lake outside, cool and dark, with tall grasses growing all around and a forest in the horizon. It was at this point I took notice to an odd music i'd been hearing the entire time. I listened to it...I cant describe the sound. It was beautiful in each note, but the tone was...terrible. Slow...frightening, i'd never heard anything like it. We ran down the steps towards the lake, where the sound was coming from, and I saw him, Slender Man. He was facing the opposite direction, standing twelve feet tall, with no tentacles. His oddly long arms were positioned to hold what appeared to be a violin. He was actually playing it...and then I heard something Dial-Tone had whispered to me months ago. I heard it over and over again, with each movement of the bow across the strings. Hearhismusic. I felt a terrible fear coarsing through my body, I tried to move but could not. I tried to scream but nothing escaped my throat, I finally forced myself to look towards Dial-Tone but he wasnt there. I was wearing the mask and the sports coat. I screamed and fell to my knees, trying to pull the mask off with all my dwindling strength to no avail. Slender Man took notcie to me, and appeared hovering above me, looked down upon me, the music stopped and only a high pitched string filled the air. I screamed again and again as my vision went blurry and I lost control of my limbs, and I succumbed to what I believed was my fate as the black tendrils grew from his sides and began to coil around my body...and I finally...finally woke up.

I think i'm going to die...I think i'm going to die at the lake beside that house wherever it is...Yours,


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