Hello my devlilishly attractive coconspirators, writers, editors, cencorship artists, critics, and others who may be deemed somewhat lazy (Start doing some work around here, people, what do we pay you for?).

The human mind is obviously the most confusing, least understood living thing. For some reason or not, the human mind has developed a level of conciousness and personality far superior to any other creature known to modern man. Of course, it is the personality and counciousness we know the least about. I dare to ask a question, if two or more people live in a single brain, i.e. someone with multiple personalities, who is to say which personality the brain rightfully belongs to? What dictates this? I am forced to ask this question simply because it pertains to me. Oh, sorry, would all you all be more comfortable or entertained ifIspokelikethisandinriddles~? Honestly, I love the theatrics of the whole...squeezed together proxy talk but it gets a little hard to read, doesnt it~? Yes, for those who havent guessed it, Jordan has been so gracious as to stop taking his medication and let me out for a stroll. Now, im sure some of you think this is creepy or whatnot but let me just paint a picture for you. You ever had a dream where you could see and hear everything you were doing, but you had no control of it whatsoever. Thats what its like when you're the "other person." And it isnt fun. Atleast JJ over here can black out for an hour instead of being in a prison in his own freaking body.

Jordan christened me Dial-Tone, and I dont feel like renaming myself.

So lets chat. What to talk about. Tan Suit Guy? Slendy? Me? Those have been the boring topics so far.

But personally, this whole...tan suit guy seems like a big fit of paranoia right? Either that or maybe JORDAN is the crazy one that should be supressed by drugs, hah~? Sounds like a party, maybe i'll see if those pills work both ways~ Now I dont claim to be here because Slendy stuck me in this kids body...I dont claim im Slender Man, and I dont claim im the guy in the tan suit, but I do claim one thing. I'm going to have some fun at this kids expense, and im going to do everything I can to get him victimized by the big guy. Because it gets me~ Until then,



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