Greetings my small collection of avid readers and coconspirators and such~ So, summer break has finally started and let me tell you, I could use it. things. Well I did hear something interesting the other day. For those of you who dont know, Santa Clarita is made up of a few different areas. Golden Valley, Valencia, Saugus, West Ranch, and Canyon Country. I live in Canyon country, so named so because its made up of alot of big canyons. Now, a friend of mine (lets call him JP) was telling me about how there was a specific area of canyons called "Slender Canyon". Now, of course I figured he was just screwing with me, but I looked it up and there really is a local area called Slender Canyon that is supposed to be haunted. I really doubt that theres ever been a Slender Man sighting there or its named after him, thats probobly just a coincidence, but I have to check this place out when I start filming SCP. OH! That reminds me. I was out in Golden Valley getting icecream with my buds (lets call them A and S? lol) and fuckin' Tan suit guy walks into the building next to the Republican Headquarters. I immediatly got them up and started telling them to help me catch this fucker, but they started being a bunch of assholes saying how they didnt see him, and how im being a dick. Yeah yeah, so I finally force A to come with me, I go to open the door, and its locked. Whats more, the entire place has been cleared out. So what, Tan Suit Guys a fuckin leaseholder? He has a key to this empty fucking building? This is bullshit. Well...I guess thats all I have to say for now. Oh, almost forgot. Alot of you avid readers and such have been sending me emails or talk page posts, usually claiming to have these magic answers, so let me get some things out. If you're some bored kid at the computer who wants to magically send me answers about Tan suit guy, giving him a cheesy anime name or some big collective conspiracy. I'm not a goddamn roleplayer, stop giving me fake answers to my real problems. If you're pretending to be a proxy, you're just making me laugh xD So keep it up. And if any of you are real proxies, i'm right here. Call me~ Yours,

Dial-Tone (#)

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