Hey folks.

Roughly a month ago I came on in search of something I'd hope I would find here, and realized that I had been gone for quite a while, a year in fact. Realizing that I had left you all kind of high and dry, I supposed that I owed some sort of explanation. I think this was taken in the wrong way.

Let me make it clear, I think that you admins and staffers are doing absolutely great, and I had hoped I got that through near the end of my message. I feel as though you folks have done an amazing job at bringing in inormation, holding the wiki up, and expaning to include new mediums. I think that's great, I think that was above and beyond the call of duty. You guys are the exact definition and a shining example of passionate fans and volunteers that, on your own and without guidance, have put this place in good standing and expanded it past what I had ever expected. And that's good, that's how it should be- I knew when I became less and less frequent that you guys were good to take on the task and I wasn't surprised in the least that you did that. I see new faces in the list of staff- I trust you folks; Fobar, Seer, etc, have made fair choices. For over a year now, this place has been yours and not mine, I have no place to discuss what you do to manage, what you've done, or the decisions you've made. You've all done great, regardless.

When I posted that message it wasn't out of anger or discontent with the wiki by any means, but it was simply intended to be an explanation as to why I no longer was involved. A combination of decreasing free time, an increase in responsibilities, and a souring taste in my mouth of what had become of the concept- not the wiki, and not even the "old" community, but the entire idea of Slendy, to me, was tarnished, and so I let you all know that not out of distaste or ill will. I simply was giving you an explanation as to why I was no longer involved. You could say I'm no longer fit to write on the issue because I'm not up to date, but also because the entire thing has moved and turned in ways I don't agree with. Rather than criticize you guys for changing or adapting to that, I simply am saying that I'm keeping out because I wouldn't be comfortable with it. It's not you, it's me.

It looks like I may have hurt some feelings or offended some folks so I just want to clarify and apologize. My leaving was not originally intenional but it just became easier to do once I had been away for a while, and rather than come back to hand in an official resignation or something like that, I felt rather uncomfortable dealing with it and just didn't. It'd been a year, so I came back to grant an explanation. I never intended for that to be taken as a criticism of this wiki or your awesome work. Please, keep up the good work, guys!

Best of wishes, happy new year, happy holidays and a scary solstice,

--DetectiveP, Founder 03:59, January 5, 2014 (UTC)

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