Sup guys.

So as you know I founded this wiki over a year ago now, and recenty I've become rather inactive. Being a full time worker and a full tiem student, this happens. But I figure that I ought to put some more effort in, so I'm going to pledge myself to one good, quality, long article per week.

I also want to propose somethign else. I don't know the status of everyone else here in the Wiki, because of my inavctivity, but I have a bit of a project I'd like to propose. When I started this wiki, my goal was to make a single centralised database of slendy info, because at the time the one centralised one was incredibly inactive and the individual ARG wikis were booming. I feel that we've all done a great job with this, but I think that perhaps we can take it a step further, with a unified Slender Man timeline, consisting of a merging of all the mythos, ARGs, and events in them in a single timeline for easy access and understanding. Sounds interesting, right? Would be a bit of work, so I of course wouldn't want to go without some input from others.

The above also would require something else of me, and that would be to commit myself to reading the blogs and getting articles on those to the quality of the ARGs. I've felt I've neglected those, and by the lack of content on them in the Wiki, even though they do play major roles in the mythos now and during the past few years, we ought to have something more than just a list.

My final section here is made up of a proposal:

Given the focus of the wiki, I propose that we remove pages that do not have some correlation to the mythos- that is, the pages on the SCP Foundation, Seed Eater, or anything non-canon. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, just throwing this out there for opinions.

-Sincerely, DetectiveP

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