I removed the previous background image. I did this for three reasons:

1. The image itself is kinda silly and I'm pretty sure related directly to the Slender game, which I am not a fan of for reasons I believe I've made known in the past.

2. The static strains the eye on a site where you are already reciving eye strain from reasing white font on mostly black. The plain black background is preferable in my opinion because it's less noisy and cleaner. I also picked the whte-text-on-black-background back in the day as a call back or homage to the old style creepypasta images posted around /x/ from 2006-2011, which were shared almost exclusively as white text on black backgrounds. Previously, background images were primarily black and usually covered by the page anyhow.

3. White text on primarily white static, depending on the dimensions of the window and setup the browser is using, may cause issues and may not be as clear.

Of course anyone can veto and undo this change or discuss it. Discourse is the path to progress.

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