Hello everyone. This is Der wachter. Today,was a busy day,specially for a few ppl i met.Also,i've began diving into the slendy myths more,by helping a certain girl called Cursor. anyway....where to start...oh yes. Hrm...the first thing to happen,was me talking to someone while i waited. She was a nice person,known as MEELS RANND,defiently had me wondering. She told me of her past,and present,and of how bad things can get if i trip. I must remmeber that. Always. Anyway...soon i began helping Cursor you can say we ran into problems. i dont know who attacked her,but it was a proxy. God,i swear if i run into him,i'm elbowing him down. anyway....i must make sure i watch for Cursor,and if you're reading this cursor,be careful. Of everyone. now....if you'll excuse me,things i must go do.

Yours truly,

Der Wachter.

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