He has appeared to most of us. He has followed us. He knows how to find us. This creature we've all seen,he knows how we work. He knows that we seek him,or wish to hurt him. But he knows he'll never die. Why not you ask? let me explain. He appears when we see him,he disappears when we run. He knows for we know. He watches what we see. He is what we want him to be,or what we fear him as. THis monstEr,this creature,iS nothing more than a simpLe idEa that we've brought alive. Because of us,he huNts. Because of us,he causes us to wonDer about him. B Ecause of us,he exsist in ouR world. So,you can either take this tiMe and cower in feAr,or you can prepare yourself,learN how to fight back,or choose to serve him. All of it is your choice. all of it. He loves watching us tussle around,for he is us. He,is our idea.

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