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Tweet, tweet, tweet!

It's strange how suddenly the people I follow on Twitter are now sending me tweets of "Hello"...

H0w STraNgE ~

I don't know very much know. Which way to go. What to do.. I just finished updating some of the posts for it and don't know what to start working on next. Got a reply Tweet from Proxy (@TheRebornProxy).

THiS SH0uLd bE Fun ~

Do I want to become a proxy? (yeah.) Let me rephrase that.. WE (my group.) want to become proxies.. I'll send that tomorrow. And to anyone reading this! Please send me some pocky, I don't have any!!

LETS pLay a gamE ~
71px-Slender Fortress Scp173


I don't have any friends that I can actually play with.. The vide0 games never work, chat is sometimes slow, we don't live near each other (though that will change over time.), and I can't send as many emails like I used to. Just once would I like to play 'Hide and Seek' with them... I don't need any other friends.

1, 2, 3, aNd 4 ~

The Devil's knocking at your do0r.

Caught by the eye of the dead man's lie, you can hear them cry ~


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