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the beginning of the end

Hey everyone,

Well this past weekend has been a disaster to say the least. 

But today was the last straw. 

First off: I had to go translate for a new student until the legitimate translater got there. 

Well I normally wear sunglasses, because I hate my eye color.

Violet. I hate the eye color because of my childhood I suposse.  

I had a little girl crying in fear because she knew the legends. I felt like a monster. 

Maybe I am I don't even know anymore. 

Not to mention I'm beat up and bruised. I don't even remember how it happened. 

I found something: a mask. The one I burned last night. It was in my locker of all places. 

And that blasted note from "Scavanger" I bawled. I don't think I've ever been more afraid.

To lose everything and every one I've loved. I've put everyone at risk because I'm stubborn.

I know that I need to something quickly for I fear it is the beginning of the end.


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