Why hello again.

I don't know why I'm doing thing. Maybe to help another in a similar situation?

Or maybe to keep something so I can look back. 

I don't know.

Well the couple days I wasn't myself I learned a lot

I am still processing it so I won't post all of it right now

I learned that I really hate doors.

I learned that I am easily fooled and that maybe I was lied to 

I really don't want to see were this lets out. 

considering I'm already in enough pain.

What am I to do I'm faced with so many choices right now and not nearly enough answers for them 

but I will remeber a few things

  1. I'm not alone 
  2. I have friends and family to protect
  3. I will stand on the high ground
  4. Look before you walk through a door
  5. Never trust food. You don't know where it came from 
  6. Make sure the pills you take are yours 
  7. If you think it's a stupid idea it's probably more stupid than you think

Well thats enough yammering from me.

stay safe


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