I thought I had a cold just a simple cold... nope I have phenonia. 

of course I manage to never get a simple cold!

so like every other sick person I have to stay home and read and eat soup...well home as in the Resistance... I am in France with May worring over me like a mother. 

I hate it. then yesterday it got intresting. Stephan (my door man/ landlord / proxy ) showed up with a parcel for me. Which jade had to go retrive.

There are journals and handwrighten books in it. 

mostly about fears.

Some one spent years studding them. Someone who thought I could use the books. 

they have taught me a great deal.

The journals are the most interesting some boy named Jona wrote them.... 

I have hardly even started the books and yet they all have vital information.

in other news of the resistance we have two new members twins... their names are Kayla and Kayte. 

These girls are scarry even by my standerds. Kayte is Mute but she can do some exstrodanary things with weapons. Kayla is the brains of the pair. the is the diplomat but she can still fight... The only reason the Twins came to the resistance is because Kayte is really sick, Kayla can't heal her and we are trying our hardest to heal her. 

Most of the Resistance is worried with the twins and what threat they might pose and with me beeing sick.

lets just say that every one had a panic attack when I had to be carried to my room the other night...

oh back to the books... there is one that I shouldn't have read... it is a bad thing to know somethings... this is one of those times... 

anyways May is giveing me that look. got to go...

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