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Silence is bliss?

Hello sorry about the late post I'm haveing Jupiter wright it for me... (hey I'm Jupiter, Dawns friend)

well first off I should probably mention I'm now mute no sound not even a giggle.

all because Scavanger slit my throat with an enchanted blade.

so now there is sacks of poisn suspended in my vocal cords... one of them burst the other night

it's a bad thing... and with the new player Dusk this is a whole diffrent game.

no matter how much we try to get me to speek other than a notepad and paper all the electronic modes usealy get cofisated by master.... ya I feel like I'm 3 again.

  • sigh* oh well I'll live I'm not broken I don't really miss speaking that much...

I use to get into so much trouble by speaking now I don't have to worry about that

I just nod and shake my head (do the harlem shake lol) and I also can glare and fight and stuff

it's like giant charades... 

well ... *waves*


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