I suppose well Luna and I were always different 

so we stuck together she lived on a ranch with lots of trees almost a forest

and the day before she went missing

we sat in a tree just some random tree

she told me that she was giving up and helping Mr.Suit

at that time I though that it was her fathers boss and she was getting a summer job

I never thought that she shared my plague

so we smiled and passed it off 

we spent the rest of the day doing what we usually do 

trying to tip cows collecting eggs eating food playing video games

and just regular teen stuff

I slept over. it was a regular thing for me to do

then the next day is when it went south 

We were out playing in the trees

usually we are in by dark

but we stayed out way past that

Luna was insistent 

I grew more scared

then He camestood right behind her

and I screamed but she smiled at him

and then they disappeared

and I thought she was dead because I saw what I thought was her body the next week in a tree

but I've seen her in my room twice since that. 

I wish I could be happy that she is alive

but it is my fault.

all of it 

I let her leave

I didn't see that she was 

leaveing it all behind

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