Yes yes I know Dawn is supose to write these but she can't talk so I'm going to write her blogs.

So lets recap what's been going on.

Dawn is queen of the Machine do she has been doing her queenly duties. Along with her proxy work.... She may start appearing in a...arg? (or what ever they are called) along with working for "the Lab" a strange private research facility. Were she is now been shifted to work on the fear gas project she is working on replicating the substance and finding a cure for it. Dawn is still running the French fear resistance.

She has school too. Some how Dawn still manages to help out here. Oh and she some how balances a relationship into that. She is dateing Composer and goes all red when I say his name. Its a rather adorible relationship from what I hear. I said the word 'shananigans' she freaked out. Silly Dawn.

Dawn is even more fun to bug now that she's mute. She's also a lot more expressive. But you have to watch and listen closely. She can do a lot more now. Since her speach was taken her little tricks are now big tricks. Dawn is haveing a hard time controlling her emotions. So its best not to upset her. She's already caught herself on fire twice.

I see how much it pains Dawn to not be able to speak. No one listes to her she feels taped alone. I feel so bad she can't communicate. I am so proud and astonished that she still keeps up and just Brave faces it. She still kicks butt and can fight with the best of them. Her silence will make her more.

This has been an uptade there will be more. -Jupiter

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