Well now that I'm not in such a distressed state I can actulaly talk about one thing:

Luna Meine Kleine Mond (my little moon) 

I though they had gotten her 

I was wrong 

She was standing in my room 

Logical thoughts ... well there were none I flew across the room and hugged that girl 

She hugged me back 

She was still the same with her black hair and silver eyes 

She was still luna 

I started bawling and she sat there with me 

Then reality had to come crashing down 

She let go and looked at me and with her voice told me 

"Just give up it's not so bad. you can be with me"

I tried to reson with her but she just stood there, kissed me on the head, and walked out.

I want to have Luna back. I know she is alive now. Luna was always the smarter of us 

Should I go or Should I stay.

I think I must stay for now because this is were I am needed.

bleiben Sie sicher (stay safe),

Dawn of Nowhere

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