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  • Dawnofnowhere

    old books

    April 8, 2013 by Dawnofnowhere

    This is horible... yet again I have another note.

    I thought it was over... 

    aparently not... 

    I wish that I could say that I can do something.. 

    I can't. 

    were did they find my book! 

    they know.. they know everything... 

    this is bad. verry bad

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  • Dawnofnowhere

    I thought I had a cold just a simple cold... nope I have phenonia. 

    of course I manage to never get a simple cold!

    so like every other sick person I have to stay home and read and eat soup...well home as in the Resistance... I am in France with May worring over me like a mother. 

    I hate it. then yesterday it got intresting. Stephan (my door man/ landlord / proxy ) showed up with a parcel for me. Which jade had to go retrive.

    There are journals and handwrighten books in it. 

    mostly about fears.

    Some one spent years studding them. Someone who thought I could use the books. 

    they have taught me a great deal.

    The journals are the most interesting some boy named Jona wrote them.... 

    I have hardly even started the books and yet they all have vital inform…

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  • Dawnofnowhere

    Its been all to normal. Just typical proxy work...

    Why is it so quiet. Other than that fairy tail adventure I had. Nothing.

    Im starting to go crazy. Nothing to report...

    Even my cupcake are going bland.

    Grey.... I wish that I could tell you I had some magical adventure.... Even the resistance has gone still. Jade is learning lady like crafts... Its odd

    The silence is errie.

    Is it the calm before the storm... Or the calm meadow?

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  • Dawnofnowhere

    Jupiter's update

    March 14, 2013 by Dawnofnowhere

    Yes yes I know Dawn is supose to write these but she can't talk so I'm going to write her blogs.

    So lets recap what's been going on.

    Dawn is queen of the Machine do she has been doing her queenly duties. Along with her proxy work.... She may start appearing in a...arg? (or what ever they are called) along with working for "the Lab" a strange private research facility. Were she is now been shifted to work on the fear gas project she is working on replicating the substance and finding a cure for it. Dawn is still running the French fear resistance.

    She has school too. Some how Dawn still manages to help out here. Oh and she some how balances a relationship into that. She is dateing Composer and goes all red when I say his name. Its a rather…

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  • Dawnofnowhere

    Silence is bliss?

    March 13, 2013 by Dawnofnowhere

    Hello sorry about the late post I'm haveing Jupiter wright it for me... (hey I'm Jupiter, Dawns friend)

    well first off I should probably mention I'm now mute no sound not even a giggle.

    all because Scavanger slit my throat with an enchanted blade.

    so now there is sacks of poisn suspended in my vocal cords... one of them burst the other night

    it's a bad thing... and with the new player Dusk this is a whole diffrent game.

    no matter how much we try to get me to speek other than a notepad and paper all the electronic modes usealy get cofisated by master.... ya I feel like I'm 3 again.

    • sigh* oh well I'll live I'm not broken I don't really miss speaking that much...

    I use to get into so much trouble by speaking now I don't have to worry about that

    I jus…

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