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I've been putting this off for too long. I was talking to some friends about Slender Man a while back, and one of them had a story. I want all your opinions about it. I wrote it down in my notebook.

"Maria's Account:

Dreams of chocking by an unknown figure (stops after prayers to God).


Woke up early (about 1 a.m.), went to kitchen for a glass of water, sees a "tall figure" standing in her living room. She went to bed quickly.

Her mother claim's to have seen a 'demon of Satan' on her way to prayer-I'll ask Maria for a description [mentioned directly after morning encounter].

She can't ask-her mom said that it will 'come back' if you ask about it. Maria mentioned an 'some kind of old lady.'"

I don't know what to think about it. I also remember another person saying that, on a road trip, she saw Slender Man at a rest stop and then was attacked by killer bats. I don't buy that one as well as Maria's, but...

I want answers. I want help.

And since nobody has seen it, the attached image is that of a rock on my hike I mentioned a while back.


The rock from my hike.

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