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Strange activity on my apartment

Strange Creatures

Hello everybody, i'm here to tell that i started to see strange things on my apartment, like: a Palid Girl (that almost killed me, i will call Palid Entity), a Dark Entity that frozed my heart when i see it and a Disturbing Entity Without Skin.

this 3 ghosts or entity scared me so much that i almost cant sleep, i keep waked till 4:00 AM or more, i will tell how i met them.

  • Palid Entity:this one is the first ghost that i seen, i see it when was day, like 12:00 PM to 17: 00 PM, this girl almost killed me, because he appeared in front of me and a window was behind me, i live in the last apartment of the building, he scared me so much that i almost felled down of my apartment.
  • Dark Entity:This one is in my opinion is the least dangerous, i see it when was night, like 3:00 AM, he appeared in front of my room, but was too fast, he frozed my heart, literaly.
  • Disturbing Entity:this one is the newest entity that i seen. when i see it, i think that was 3:00 AM or 4:00, he appeared in the guests room, i only see his arm (without skin), he moved his arm for a few seconds and disappeared.

I'm scared,  very scared, i think that i almost cant sleep anymore, these 3 ghosts dont appeared anymore, but... a girl to a Dark entity to a entity without skin, is getting worse, i will update the blog if a entity appear again.

Paranormal Activity

i'm already scared of those ghosts, NOW THIS!. Some days ago i waked up in my room, ok till here is normal, but when i waked, my mom said to me that the TV was on and the bathroom light too.

But i turned off ALL of them, i cant believe this. its really getting worse.

Is 23:25 AM on my country right now, i will stay here for a while and then go to the living room watch some TV.


  • Also, some years ago, my orkut account was hacked, but the only strange thing is that there was a new video, some type of music i think, maybe rock, HABIT?

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