Strange Activity #1-Dark Entity and Palid Entity returns

  • 00:18 AM=living Room
  • 00:20 AM=Horrible smell coming from the kitchen
  • 00:34 AM=Theres something going on with the TV
  • 1:27 AM=The lights of a car on the street started
  • 02:05 AM=Car light started again, without anyone nearby, whats going on?
  • 02:07 AM=Dark Entity appeared, i cant believe hes back!
  • 02:17 AM=Strange sounds coming from the apartment, looks like a girl sound, Palid Entity?
  • 2:17 AM=Dogs barking outside
  • 2:18 AM=Screams coming from outside
  • 2:23 AM=Loud Screams
  • 2:23-2:25 AM=Screams dont stop
  • 2:27 AM=Screams of pain
  • 2:39 AM=Theres something outside
  • 3:00 AM=Dark Entity is outside my apartment, but this time i see his full body
  • 3:00 AM=Guy running on the street
  • 3:02 AM=The guy stopped running and now is walking, is he crazy?
  • 3:15 AM=Palid Entity in my room
  • 3:19 AM=A doll moved
  • 3:22 AM=Dark Entity on my room
  • 3:36 AM=Theres something on the street
  • 3:50 AM=I'm very scared now, i dont want continue, i will try to sleep, Strange activity on my apartment #1 ends here.


  • Dark Entity looks like KindVonDerRitter  or DeadHead
  • Disturbing Entity dont appeared
  • Dark Entity frozed my heart again
  • Palid Entity dont tried to kill me
  • Looks like Dark Entity has 2 forms, the shadow form and the human form
  • My mom said to me that a object moved on the apartment
  • TV filled with pixels or static, Slender Man?

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