Hello everybody, it has been a long time since my last blog post, this is about my friend again, he is with the following things.

  • He is fainting with frequency.
  • He's bleeding from nose.
  • He has some sort of Split Personality, but i think its really rare to see it.
  • He is having dreams in which he's in a forest.

The Strange Village

A few days ago, he told me he was asleep and had a dream where he was in a forest but some time later, he woke up, but the problem is that he woke in a place that was not his house but a village with 2 abandoned houses, when he was walking by this place he saw a shadow with two glowing red eyes and when he had seen that thing he fainted and ended up in his house, i have no ideia what that place was and who or what was that shadow.

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