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A New Threat

Hello Guys, this time i have a new friend and a new and more dangerous threat.

The Friend

He is a great person who loves ARG Series, he seems to like Dogs as well.

The Threat

He said to me that EVERY day, theres a "guy" trying to kill him with a knife, this "guy" killed one of his dogs, i'm not sure why.

The only description that my new friend gave to me is that this person has a disfigured face.

He also said that this person "killed him"  once, but he woke up some hours ago, looks like he travelled in time.

Some minutes ago, he said to me that tomorrow he will try to record him, i'm not sure of he will survive this time.

If he survives then i will try to post the video.

Update (21/03/14-13:52 PM)

Yesterday he said to me that this "guy" tried to attack him again, he  grabbed a camera and started filming, was 5:00 AM, but this time there was 2 of them, the first with 1 knife and the second with 2 knifes.

They entered his home and attacked him, one of them cut the hand of my friend, when the other was about to attack, he woke up and checked his clock and was 2:00 AM.

He said that when he woke his hand was fine and the video was still there, but minutes later, the video was mysteriously deleted.

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